Who's who at Beath and Cowdenbeath North Church


                                                        Rev Norman Grant (Interim Moderator)


                                                          Rev Elizabeth Kenny (Locum Minister)



                                    Margaret Clark and Andy Beattie (Joint Session Clerks)




                    Nominating Committee as elected  -  5/11/2017

                                                                (Names listed in alphabetical order)


Jan Adams, Andy Beattie, Sheila Cornbill, Grace Gray, Amelia Howie, John Jones, Reta McManus, Callum Paterson, John Penman, Iain Penman and Mary Philp.



 The mandate of those elected is to look for and recommend one person deemed suitable to be the next minister of our congregation and parish. Please do remember the committee members in your prayers and in the task that lies ahead.




                                                                 Parish Profile Update


A Parish Profile is currently being prepared which hopefully will be made public sometime in December 2017 for any interested applicants.


                                                                                                                          Andy Beattie (Session Clerk)